A few years ago, I took the leap and bought my wife a Mac. It was a leap because for years I made fun of them as toys run by zealots who didn’t know that MacOS (pre-X) was junk. But the iMac was (and is) a very attractive object, and it fits very nicely with the decor of our kitchen. My wife really enjoys working with digital photos and home movies, and we quickly learned that the Mac was absolutely the best tool for these tasks.

I however, make my living mostly from PCs. I’ve been a Windows user since 1.0, and have “suffered” through years and years of building and managing the building of software for this platform. But wow, when I recently got a MacBook Pro (17″) my life changed. I love the Mac, and I love MacOS X.

I have for several years been very passionate about digital photography. I purchased a Canon EOS20d a few years ago, and have been diligently adding to my lens and accessory collection. The combination of great digital photography equipment and the MacBook Pro is beyond description.

It’s SO easy to manage, edit and publish pictures. So the Mac has become a very important part of my recreational life. In my recent trip to Thailand, I left the PC at home, and brought the Mac. Being 12 hours ahead of home was actually pretty good for us, because we were able to use iChat to see and hear our kids twice a day! In fact, sitting in the airport lounges in Phuket and Tokyo was actually fun because I could goof around with my kids who were literally half a world away.

I even had a video chat with them as I sat in a lounge chair on the beach in Phuket! This is technology with a soul, and one that genuinely improves human relationships. I heartily recommend the Mac to everyone!

Mark has come to a sad realization about the PC, Accept or Cancel

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