I promised myself after my trip to Phuket, Thailand that I would start a blog. It was mainly driven by my desire to make the many pictures I take on trips available to friends. Picasa does a great job of making photo sharing easy, but there’s no where to fit in my “insightful commentary”.

So who am I? I’m a Canadian guy who works for a large global software company. I will not be referencing anything in my blog that is work-related because I like to keep my peas and carrots separate. I’ve been married for 13+ years to a wonderful woman who has built a beautiful life together with me, and the greatest kids a man could ever hope for. My elder daughter is our future singer/writer/actor/dancer/scientist/researcher, and my younger son is “mini me” (how many 5 year olds do you know can name nearly all the F1 teams, drivers and constructor logos?). I live in a small town near Waterloo, Ontario, home of the Blackberry and the Perimeter Institute!

My apologies in advance for any meandering postings. I suspect I’ll be doing most of the writing at airport gates and Admiral’s Clubs around the planet. The power of the web is that anyone can have a blog. You must decide if this is a blog that you want to waste your time on ;)