I’m on my way home! My work in Texas is finished (until Monday, when I have to be back). I’m at the Admiral’s Club in Austin Airport awaiting the departure of my flight home. I’m connecting via Dallas and I’m hearing on the TV running CNN about a “severe weather warning” for the midwest/northeast.

I called home and my wife told me to expect to be driving home through a snowstorm. Well, I at least like her optimism that I’ll be able to land in Toronto this afternoon. We’ll see. You gotta roll with the punches on the road, and realize that you can’t control things like the weather (or mechanical things like the altimeter).

I’ve been trying desperately to get iChat working from the 2 hotels and airport lounges I’ve been at on this trip. No dice. Funny, it worked like a charm from Japan and Thailand, but as soon as I get back to the US it starts failing. Maybe it’s all the latency caused by the NSA monitoring every packet moving around the Net.

I’ve just downloaded Skype in an attempt to have a “plan B”. Apple clearly has some problems with iChat video. Just do a search on ‘ichat error “-8” ‘ and you’ll get the picture. It’s pretty much my only criticism of my beautiful MacBook Pro.

Hey, it’s 1 week until we all leave for Disney World! Can’t wait! Unfortunately, there was a hail storm over the Kennedy Space Center, and the External Tank was damaged, scrubbing the upcoming March launch. I don’t think we had a chance of seeing it launch, but my wife’s brother and family had a shot at it. Such is the schedule predictability of the space program.

Well, it’s almost boarding time, so I shall pack up my troubles and get to my gate.