I went to bed around 2200 last night. I was pretty tired from all the wandering around London. My plans today were to wake up at a normal time, have breakfast, then hop in the Jetta and drive around. My only constraints are the replay of the F1 Qualifying in Malaysia at 1430 and a massage at 1700.

Well, I woke up initially at 0330 this morning. I managed to fall back asleep around 0530 after watching Star Trek TNG. The next thing I know, it’s 1100 and I realize my plans now need to change. I don’t have time to visit the McLaren factory in nearby Woking, much less visit my birthplace. But I have this nagging hesitation about visiting the site of my birth and the house I lived in. I don’t understand this feeling, but it’s been bothering me since I started plotting the trip.

In any event, I’ve headed down to the lobby bar to have lunch. The food in this hotel is quite bad. I’m looking forward to a decent meal in Bangalore at the 5 Star Oberoi Hotel.

Well, off to read the paper. I may take some pictures of this hotel and post them. It’s a typical airport hotel. The next time I have a layover in London, I am definitely going to stay in the city. There’s so much more to do. My flight leaves Heathrow at 1415 tomorrow, so my plans are to watch the F1 live, then head to the airport.