I’m at the Stephen F Austin Intercontinental Hotel in Austin, Texas. I wasn’t planning on being in Austin when I arrived in San Jose on Sunday night, but such is the predictability of my work life.

I like Austin, as I’ve said before. But I arrived around midnight, and I fly out around 130pm tomorrow, so the Hotel, customer, Airport will be my itinerary.

I don’t have alot to report, but I’m getting some comments about my blog being out of date. The last time I updated it I was in Bangalore (all of 10 days ago), being quite sick. I can report that the Cipro (or whatever it actually was) combined with Immodium and sleeping pills did the trick. I slept all the way from Bangalore to Heathrow. It was just as well, because when I looked at the flight map upon arrival, it became clear that we did in fact fly directly over Iran. In a British Airways 777. Wow. I guess there’s diplomatic tensions, and then there’s business.

I’m really looking forward to getting home. It was a very busy week, but a productive one. I was supposed to be home all next week, but alas, now I have a multi-day work meeting in Las Vegas. Yeah, Vegas. I haven’t been there in about 5 years, and I don’t actually like the town. I don’t gamble, so it’s not really my bag. It is great people watching though. You see all kinds in a casino. I may play craps, because that’s fun, and I almost know how to play it.

Well, that’s all for now. Hopefully when I see the traffic report for my blog I will see some hits from my “stalker” down the street ;)