I’m in Las Vegas this week. I haven’t been here in 4 years, and have generally avoided it. I needed to be here for a few important reasons, but I’d much rather be home.

I don’t gamble. I don’t like to lose, and the odds aren’t in favor of the players here. Who pays for all these opulent, massive casino resort hotels? Gamblers, of course.

I went for a walk on Tuesday night with my trusty camera bag and tripod. There were a few shots I wanted to get. The Luxor with it’s intense beam of light at the top of the pyramid is very cool. So that was high on my list. I also took some shots of the MGM Grand. I like the effect that night shots present with slow shutter speeds. The street traffic conveys an interesting movement to the shots.

The shot below is looking north on Las Vegas Blvd.

This is my favorite shot. It’s the entrance to the Luxor, and the beam appears to be shooting out of the Pharaoh’s head. Quite cool if I do say so myself.

The beam seems to go on forever. Apparently, pilots can see this beam on a clear night from Los Angeles. Neato.