Today was a nice transition from Road Trip to Work.

The office was pretty quiet because several of the execs I work with are out of the office, either on PTO or in Asia.

This afternoon, I took the M5 to get some new front shoes. When I put the summer tires on back in Waterloo, I was told that the fronts would get me there, but that I need to avoid very wet conditions. Mission accomplished. And Helen is very happy to hear that we have new, grippy rubber on all four wheels.

I’m reviewing the trip logs, and will post a summary of time/distance. I may have to cleanse some of the data, lest it be used against me in a court of law ;)

I think tomorrow night, after work, I will drive around to some of our old haunts, and take some pictures. I’m pleased with how some of the shots I took on the way here turned out, especially the one I took while Ravindra held the steering wheel as I screwed around with Apertures. It’s a neat mountain reflection shot, with motion blur in the foreground.

I definitely plan to take many more pictures when Helen and I are together. It will be a much more leisurely pace. I’ve posted some of the shots I took on flickr.

Sounds like I missed yet another big dumping of snow. I’ve been good at doing that this winter. I hope next winter is mild, or I may be calling my friends at McAfee back!