From Phil’s Traditional Top 10 List for Departing Executives

Top 10 Reason’s McArdle is leaving McAfee

10. Got Falcon 1 AND Falcon 2 on my resume. What else is left for me to do here?
9. Just realized he was supposed to spend more time in the Sunnyvale office as part of his assignment…No way.
8. Wants to focus his time buying up American real estate.
7. Starting to bob his head sideways, even when he is saying “yes”.
6. Spending too much time south of the border…Waterloo team is making fun of his American accent.
5. Wanted to see how many going away parties he could get out of McAfee.
4. Bolin, Kinslow, Gebhart and Barney keep calling him the short Canadian guy.
3. He heard DeWalt was cutting the Japan Office Budget…No sushi dinners…No McArdle-san.
2. Can’t figure out if Todd’s staff meeting is 1 1/2 hours or 2 hours…either way, it’s lunch time in Waterloo.


1. Canadian dollar is way up…I’m RICH!

Thanks to Phil and the team for coming up with this hilarious list. It was a great send off.