Anticipation is building.  I awoke at 3am this morning with my mind going through a list of final ‘to-dos’ and things to pack for our annual trip to Montreal for the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix.  It’s a weekend I look forward to with great excitement every year.  Montreal is a great city, and during the F1 weekend, the city is one big party.

I’ve put alot of effort, starting months ago, into this trip.  If you don’t jump on this in December/January, you risk not getting the tickets you want, and not having a place to stay.  This year, we’re staying at the Marriott Chateau Champlain right on Peel Street.  Peel and Crecent are ground zero for the big off-circuit events for the weeknd.  Crecent Street is closed to traffic and has all kinds of exhibits as well as a full blown concert stage.  The bars and restaurants are always overflowing.  Peel Street is where there are car exhibitions, where on Thursday night Ferrari owners park their cars for people to enjoy.

On Thursday night, we have reservations at La Queue de Cheval (which, I’m told by our French-speaking friend Heather means “The Horses Ass” – note I was apparently “mislead” in this translation.  It’s “Horse’s Tail”).  Notwithstanding the name, it is a great steakhouse right down the street from our hotel.  Friday night we’re dining with some other car enthusiasts at The Ferreira Cafe and Saturday night, I’ve once again scored us entry to the BMW Sauber Team Dinner at BICE.  It’s shaping up to be another massively fun event.

The only thing that has me a bit concerned right now is the weather.  It’s looking like we’ll get some rain.  But I’m holding out hope for sunshine, and if it does rain, will take advantage of the conditions to get some hopefully great shots of the cars shooting up rooster tails.  Speaking of pictures, I’m lugging even more gear this time.  I don’t like swapping lenses at the circuit (it’s dusty) so I’m bringing a second body (my old 20D) that will have my super-wide angle lens, while my new 5D will have the big glass.  Because the walk from the parking lot (oh, yeah, forgot to mention, I scored some parking on the island thanks to Sophia), I am going to get one of those portable luggage racks so I can wheel my camera bag around.

Anyhow, lots to do at home before we leave.  I’d mention the massive renovation underway in our basement and garage but I don’t have time to get into that.  Another day…