I forgot to mention that my LA friend said he was hoping to meet up with a friend of his who drives an F1 car.  He gave me the following hints:  Drove for Benetton, drove for Red Bull, and it Italian.  Now, I pride myself on knowing a bit about these things, and thought I knew who it was.  There are currently only 3 Italians racing:  Vitantonio Liuzzi (but technically he’s just a test driver), which leaves Jarno Trulli and Giancarlo Fisichella.  Fisi fits the bill, but didn’t drive for RedBull.

When I told him “I think it’s Fisi but I don’t think the RedBull part he right”, he said “correct”, and showed me his Blackberry Curve with the SMS thread he was having at that moment with Fisi.  They met in Italy years ago when my LA friend was doing some production work for a TV show there.  I was pretty excited about the prospect of partying with Fisi, but held little hope this would happen.  It’s not like these drivers can go out on wild benders with the likes of me then crawl hungover into the cockpit of their cars.  Did you hear that Kimi – try to keep it real this weekend ;)

Anyhow, the SMS thread continued for a while, with Fisi saying we’ll try to meet later.  But he probably went to bed.  Another “almost” brush with greatness.